Stateless is a collection of thoughts in the most cohesive way I can collect them. It is me trying to climb the endless rope of my stream of conscious just to drop a mouthful of lines. Words that are meditative and questioning, often personal and often reflective of humanity, culture, and the universe as one interconnected body. Stateless in our skin the way people are just human animals and animals feed off the same ground as trees and trees seek sunlight just as people do. Stateless in our geographical borders. Stateless in the space I take up on a timeline and the perpetual stories floating within that space.  

I am Kaila, writer/creature/adventurer/advocate/caterpillar queen. I am a freelance writer who produces content that would make my 16-year-old self call me a sellout, but my current self actually loves it. I've worked on various literary magazines and have been published in The York Review and STORY. My native language is poetry; and I am most fluent in nonsensical rambling. Most times I am just trying to monitor the myriad of my head, make it into something tangible. Sometimes I succeed. 

My sincerest clarity comes from travel and adventure, and my writing often takes root in the act of moving or leaving. I operate best at full-speed sprint or absolute stillness. But right now I am treading the in-between, working as a server/bartender at the kind of fancy restaurant where both forks have to line up with the seam of the perfectly folded linen napkin so I can save enough money for the next move. Sometimes it feels like running in place, sometimes I need to remind myself to suck it up. This is the place where I write about it all because as long as I am writing, my head is above the water.